Colab 2014


Colab 2014

For the past two weeks, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance has been a creative, imaginative, collaborative hotspot!

It has been truly inspiring.

There is nothing better than coming together with people who you don’t necessarily know to concentrate on creating something, using as much artistic license as you desire. Being at an institution which, on the whole, conforms to training students in a traditional sense, it is refreshing and very rewarding to be part of Colab!

This year, I was was part of the project; ‘Music, Meditation and Minimalism’, led by my good friend Declan Kolakowski. Despite being slightly apprehensive (yet very open-minded) our group of musicians spent a week concentrating on mindfulness meditation, yoga and psychological processes involved in performance; culminating in a mindful performance of our meditative, minimalist piece in The National Maritime Museum. 

Originally we did not expect to perform our work, however it did give our week slightly more focus. Saying this, our main intention was to explore the experience of mindful performance through meditation and improvisation. 

I hope I can speak for my whole group when I say that we enjoyed our Colab week immensely. We were able to create music in a relaxed, open environment with no one to judge us or say ‘no’… maybe this is a rare occurrence in our world?


Listen to the track we have created.


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