To breathe, or not to breathe?

I recently read an article claiming that piano technique is a myth. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this declaration.

You should read the article yourself- I don’t want  to impose.

I’ve not really decided which side I should take, however there is something tempting about idea of keeping it natural.

An analogy which came to my mind when thinking about this claim is to do with breathing.

If I were to say;

‘You aren’t breathing in the right way. You aren’t breathing to your maximum potential. Change the way you breathe.’

You would probably become very very aware of your breathing, maybe too aware….possibly resulting in a jittery inhale and exhale.

However, I do realise that breathing is far more natural a process than playing the most people!

Rachmaninov probably took his first breath after he played his first note…


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